OpenDaylight Training

Prepare for real-world SDN operations with our OpenDaylight training courses

OpenDaylight Training Courses

Inocybe Technologies is the leading provider in OpenDaylight training courses and is helping you adopt and use OpenDaylight for a variety of use cases and scenarios.

    Our OpenDaylight courses cover pure 100% vanilla OpenDaylight, no vendor specific subjects, secret sauce, vendor versions, hidden agendas, and/or proprietary implementations. Unlike our competitors, there is nothing we teach in these courses that would apply to a specific distribution.

    Public Courses

    We offer public courses at world-wide locations, register now and learn how to adopt Open Source SDN.

    ODL050: OpenDaylight Fundamentals

    Perfect for sales engineers, project managers, business developers, or any IT professional not in need of extensive, hands-on training. Inocybe Technologies overs a abbreviated course that allows executives, managers and sales to understand and adopt an OpenDaylight-based strategy for the organization.

    1 Day
    999 USD
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    ODL101: OpenDaylight Bootcamp

    This two day course is designed for networking professionals who are looking to gain skill and knowledge around OpenDaylight. The course provides participants with a detailed understanding of all of the steps necessary to operate an OpenDaylight SDN environment.

    2 Day
    1999 USD
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