Inocybe’s Partner Ecosystem

The Path to Production-Ready OpenDaylight-based Solutions

Let's Collaborate!

Why Partner?

Reduce Development and Deployment Costs
    Tap into Inocybe’s OpenDaylight expertise and ODL community knowledge to streamline and improve how you design and deploy OpenDaylight-based solutions.
Improve Customer Retention
    Educate customers and build your OpenDaylight ecosystem funnel. Expedite your path to building production-ready OpenDaylight-based solutions, rather than Proof of Concept (PoC) code, with Inocybe’s platform to ensure your customers succeed.
Increase Revenues
    Team up with Inocybe to gain access to new deals, new markets and customers.


Our Partners

Partner Tiers

Basic Plan
    The Basic partnership level enables you to grow your open source software defined networking knowledge and practice, while building non-production OpenDaylight-based solutions from a solid foundation with Inocybe’s Open Networking Platform. At this level, partners have access to a variety of documentation, tools, and software.
Premium Partner Plan
    The Premium level is for partners that aspire to have a strategic relationship with Inocybe. Premium partners are planning to bring OpenDaylight-based solutions to their customers and have an ongoing commitment to open source solutions. Complementary to the premium partners’ commitment to open source solutions, Inocybe provides access to additional resources designed to assist partners in building production-ready open source solutions and revenue. These partners provide the highest contribution to Inocybe’s partner ecosystem, and have the highest level of visibility at Inocybe and in the marketplace.
Perfect for OpenDaylight internal development, training and customer education.
  • Non-production (playground) access to our Open Networking Platform
  • Access to Inocybe's "Getting Started with OpenDaylight" documentation, tools and test kits for self-validation
  • Community Support
  • OpenDaylight Fundamentals Training for $995 per seat
  • OpenDaylight Bootcamp Training for $1,995 per seat
  • NETCONF & YANG Training for $3,195 per seat

“The opportunity to leverage Inocybe’s SaaS Open Networking Platform will allow our development teams to focus on application development enabling automated operations. Given the toolkit approach to ODL, the partner CI/CD environment will accelerate our ability to provide solutions to our customers.”

- Chris Wade, Co-Founder and CTO at Itential


“Inocybe’s Open Networking Platform is the right product at the right time for telcos and enterprises who need help mitigating the growing network complexities caused by the rise in connected devices, while avoiding vendor lock-in.”

- Evgeny Zobnitsev, CTO of Factor Group