Open Networking from the Data Center to the Network Edge

Cloud, IoT and 5G are changing how modern networks are operated and deployed at scale. Inocybe’s Open Networking Platform is the first to enable enterprises and service providers to deploy software defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) solutions across an integrated and consumable environment. Inocybe Technologies is the leading Open Networking and OpenDaylight Software Defined Networking (SDN) technology provider from the data center to the network edge. Inocybe’s Open Networking Platform and Services enables customers to deploy networks based on the leading, emerging and innovative open networking software. The Inocybe Open Networking Platform accelerates the adoption of automated and intelligent networking for enterprises and service providers based on OpenDaylight and other projects like, PNDA and ONAP.

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Inocybe aims to take complexity out of open source networking

Inocybe’s product is a platform designed to simplify the consumption and use of OpenDaylight as the SDN controller, in any architecture, like the Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP).

Inocybe Showcases Open Networking Innovations at Mobile World Congress 2018

We’ll be showcasing how the Inocybe Open Networking Platform can deploy a fully integrated OpenSwitch-based NOS and OpenDaylight-based SDN Controller that is ready to run on our partner Kontron’s SYMKLOUD whitebox switches (as well as a variety of other hardware platforms), eliminating the complexity from the controller down the stack, while preserving the ability to disaggregate the solution.

Blogs and Announcements

OpenDaylight Nitrogen Release: It’s All About The Apache Karaf Upgrade

With the release of Nitrogen, OpenDaylight continues to solidify itself as the de facto open networking controller standard. Although the release contains widespread enhancements and improvements, the main focus of the OpenDaylight Nitrogen release is the major version upgrade of the underlying Apache Karaf container from 3.0.8 to 4.0.9.

Kontron and Inocybe partner to build integrated Open Networking platforms to accelerate SDN and NFV production deployments

First of many solutions planned include Open Network switches that are designed from the get-go to work seamlessly with OpenDaylight SDN Controllers

Inocybe Executives Elected to Two Linux Foundation Open Networking Boards

"There are few executives in the open source networking space that have the same gravitas from a vision, insight, and experience perspective than Mathieu Lemay and John Zannos.  Their commitment to moving the industry forward, as demonstrated with their work with OpenDaylight, will make them highly valuable contributors to the OpenSwitch and LFN governing boards." - Christopher R. Wilder, Senior IIoT Analyst, Moor Insights & Strategy

Avaya and Inocybe Set a New Benchmark for Scalability to Support Internet of Things (IoT)

Avaya with Inocybe demonstrate an open, SDN architecture capable of managing and securing up to 168,000 devices... the largest number of devices, by a wide margin, ever supported on an open, standards-based SDN architecture.