Open source use case: Pick and choose (Monta Monaco Hernon, Broadband Technology Report)

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For tier 2 and tier 3 cable operators, network modernization can be difficult from both a bandwidth and resources perspective. Yet, the demands on their content delivery networks (CDNs) are increasing. Virtualization can help by bringing content closer to the customer, but it can involve heavy-duty traffic engineering. Open source software code, however, is allowing for a purpose-built, use-case approach that can be cost-effective.

“Many of the tier 2 and 3 operators are interested in figuring out which open source projects are ready to be used to be part of their strategy,” said John Zannos, CRO and GM, of Inocybe. “These carriers have a prioritization from an ROI perspective that tend to be use-case specific.”

While the largest of operators have the ability to be active in multiple open source projects, the tier 2 and 3 companies may not have the latitude to be market drivers. Cablevision Argentina, for example, was interested in an open daylight controller to help with a traffic engineering problem in the CDN. Inocybe is helping the operator with the project.

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