Leaders Emerge As The Industrial Internet Of Things Ecosystem Takes Shape (Chris Wilder, Forbes)

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Inocybe Technologies – Open Networking SDN Controllers

Software-defined networking is not something generally associated with IoT, but SDN will play a critical role in how network traffic is optimized and managed. SDN eliminates much of the bottlenecks created by the onslaught of data that IoT generates. Furthermore, SDN helps organizations to connect networking function virtualization (NFV) services, which connect edge, virtual, and other application services across all parts of the network. Montreal-based Inocybe has been at the forefront of deploying open networking solutions, powered by the Linux Foundation’s OpenDaylight (ODL) platform. Inocybe’s Open Networking platform makes it easier for service providers and enterprises to implement production-ready networking components from the data center to the edge. Open networking technologies like Inocybe’s are allowing service providers to bring revenue-generating services to market more quickly and efficiently. SDN in IoT will play a significant role in reducing the complexities and costs of deploying commodity-based edge and Fog computing solutions.

Read the full article via Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/moorinsights/2018/04/05/leaders-emerge-as-the-internet-of-things-ecosystem-takes-shape/3/#2dfcda457281

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