Inocybe Executives Elected to Two Linux Foundation Open Networking Boards

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Having expanded leadership in the open source market for OpenDaylight SDN controllers and Network Virtualization, two of Inocybe’s top executives have been nominated and elected to key Linux Foundation open networking governing boards. Chief Executive Officer, Mathieu Lemay has been elected to the OpenSwitch board and Chief Revenue Officer, John Zannos to the Linux Foundation Networking (LFN) board. In addition to OpenSwitch and LFN, Inocybe has been heavily involved in OpenDaylight (ODL), the most widely deployed open source software-defined networking controller, since the project’s inception. To this effect, Inocybe’s Vice President of Marketing, Maddison Long, has been nominated as the liaison for OpenDaylight’s marketing working group to the LFN marketing advisory committee.

Since its inception, Inocybe has focused on driving leadership and innovation within the networking industry, especially with SDN and Network Virtualization. Both OpenSwitch and LFN are relatively new and will benefit from Mathieu and John’s experience, expertise, and leadership.

Inocybe will contribute to each governing board in multiple ways:

Simplifying the consumption and management of open source networking projects.  As the leader in OpenDaylight SDN controllers, Inocybe has led the industry to help service providers and enterprises deploy integrated SDN and NFV solutions across open, heterogeneous environments – from the data center to the edge. From a product perspective, Inocybe is continuously improving adoption of ODL controllers by launching an OpenSwitch-based network operating system (NOS) that works seamlessly with ODL and will be validated to work on Kontron’s and Dell’s whitebox switches (as well as a variety of other hardware platforms). Inocybe is delivering significant value to the SDN and NFV market through solid partnerships and real-world customer deployments. Inocybe’s brand, exposure, and reach will accelerate OpenSwitch and LFN’s mission to deliver open source networking solutions.  By leading from a technology and customer deployment perspective, Inocybe will help drive the consumption of open networking solutions within the respective governing bodies.

Drive active collaboration, insight, and leadership for the community.  One of the challenges many governing bodies have is expanding and growing the community. Zannos has worked with the open source networking community since its inception from being involved as a board member for OPNFV, Open-O, OpenStack and other projects. John has a long legacy of understanding many of the challenges governing boards have, especially in the early days of OpenStack during a time when there were chaos and uncertainty in the board’s ability to deliver on its promises, John was instrumental in bringing strategy and focus to the project.

Mathieu is one of the founding board members for OpenDaylight. The Linux Foundation has sponsored many projects designed to support the growth and adoption of open source development projects.  ODL is currently one of the most successful and visible of the nearly eighty Linux Foundation’s sponsored projects. Mathieu has provided technical leadership and industry guidance for ODL from day one, and his contributions have had a direct impact on the communities growth. His experience with ODL will no doubt be invaluable for OpenSwitch.

In addition to decades of tenure in the open source and networking industries, both Mathieu and John bring both entrepreneurial and large company experiences. As entrepreneurs, they are not afraid to be resourceful and willing to roll up their sleeves to get the job done. Moreover, from a large company perspective, their contacts and guidance will help each group to recruit the right resources, influencers, and customer engagement that will make OpenSwitch and LFN successful by achieving the communities desired needs.

The work that OpenSwitch and LFN does is difficult but valuable for moving forward open source networking innovation.  The industry is looking for ways to reduce costs, be more efficient with limited resources, and drive revenue. SDN and NFV offer a way for telecoms, enterprises and cloud service providers to quickly deploy income-generating services and solutions. Inocybe and ODL are changing how many companies get the most out of their technology investments. However, the long-term benefits for open networking, OpenSwitch and LFN in particular, will be realized through the various developer communities and vendors like Aptira and Red Hat that support it.

We will be attending Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (Feb 26 – March 1), the Open Source Leadership Summit in Sonoma, CA (March 6 – 8) and the Open Networking Summit in Los Angeles, CA (March 26 – 29). Please reach out through Inocybe’s website or by directly messaging Maddison Long ([email protected]) if you’d like to meet up at one of these events in the coming weeks.

“There are few executives in the open source networking space that have the same gravitas from a vision, insight, and experience perspective than Mathieu Lemay and John Zannos.  Their commitment to moving the industry forward, as demonstrated with their work with OpenDaylight, will make them highly valuable contributors to the OpenSwitch and LFN governing boards.” – Christopher R. Wilder, Senior IIoT Analyst, Moor Insights & Strategy

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