Inocybe Joins Linux Foundation Networking Fund as a Founding Member

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We are excited to announce that Inocybe is one of the Founding Members of the Linux Foundation Networking (LFN) Fund. There is an open source insurgence happening in the networking industry and Inocybe is a part of it. IoT, 5G and Cloud are increasing the demands on the network to scale to unprecedented levels and this requires the network to become more automated and customized to specific use cases. This has led to the emergence of open source projects to drive collaborative innovation in the network, and LFN includes nine of the ten most important open source networking projects in the industry.

Source of Image: The Linux Foundation

LFN harmonizes the governance of participating projects in order to enhance operational excellence, simplify member engagement, and increase collaboration across open source networking projects and standards bodies. Inocybe will build on our involvement in OpenDaylight, ONAP, OpenSwitch and be an active part of the LFN community. We will focus on simplifying the consumption and management of open source in networking for the service providers and enterprise.

The race to automated and intelligent networks is on. As a result, the need for a flexible and software-centric network platform that can provide a diverse range of services based on 5G, Cloud and IoT is growing by the day. OpenDaylight, ONAP, OpenSwitch and other open networking projects are democratizing technology and providing companies with the ingredients needed to solve many of the network challenges they face today and will face tomorrow. However, there are several challenges that present themselves when trying to assemble the various components of the projects they need to solve their use-case.

How do companies only use the components of the open networking projects they need and that are production-ready, without hiring project-specific experts who would know the readiness of specific components, sub-components and features? Once companies deploy open source, how do they avoid forking the code and stay in-line with the advancements of the upstream community? Open source innovation is great, but when companies want to mix their “secret sauce” with the open source code, how do they ensure their custom/proprietary code will work and continue to work when new versions of the open source code are released?

This is where Inocybe comes in, our Open Networking Platform simplifies the consumption and management of open networking projects (such as OpenDaylight, OpenSwitch, etc) and enables companies to slice and dice the right amount of open source components that they need and are production-ready, to solve their use-case. Whether you’re looking for a Traffic Engineering Controller to increase improvements in the measurement and management of network traffic while allowing for improved network quality of service (QoS) or you’re looking for an open source network operating system (NOS) to enable whitebox adoption, there’s no better time than today to start your journey towards an automated and intelligent open network.

Written by Maddison Long, Vice President of Marketing at Inocybe Technologies


Catch us at upcoming industry events such as Mobile World Congress and the Linux Foundation’s Open Source Leadership Summit and Open Networking Summit.

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