2018 Predictions: Apple Buys Tesla — Cook Retires — Musk Takes The Reins (Chris Wilder, Forbes)

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Great to have Inocybe Technologies recognised by Christopher Wilder in Forbes as one of the companies to watch in 2018!

Open Source and Software Defined “everything” will continue to grow as a viable option for many enterprises.

It was not too long ago that Open Source software was simply considered free software, developed by hackers and crackers to avoid paying licensing fees. Over the past several years, Open Source on Linux has emerged as the preferred method for most developers entering the workforce. Additionally, an increasing number of enterprises and DevOps organizations—especially those that leverage agile development environments—have adopted Open Source and Linux as their preferred development environment and operating system (OS). With the convenience and efficiencies Open Source provides, communication service providers, telecoms, and many enterprises will continue to turn away from expensive closed proprietary dinosaur systems of the past—especially when it comes to networking, WAN, and data center infrastructure. Software Defined (SDx) means decoupling the operating system from the hardware, thereby allowing users to have the same functionality or network functions provided by proprietary systems (like network switches, routers, firewalls, and load balancers, but run on commodity hardware). Once you separate the OS from the hardware, organizations can deliver their services and software much faster, less expensively, and more efficiently.

Companies to Watch: Big Switch, Canonical/Ubuntu, Centos, Cisco, Dell EMC (VMware NSX) Ericsson, HPE/SUSE, Huawei, Inocybe, Intel, Microsoft, Nokia, and Red Hat

Read more: https://www.forbes.com/sites/moorinsights/2017/12/21/2018-predictions-apple-buys-tesla-cook-retires-musk-takes-the-reins/#709f62ab1ae8

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