Inocybe + Kubernetes (by Patrick Laurin)

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Kubernetes is an amazing tool to manage clusters of docker containers. It has been so widely utilized, that it should come as no surprise that the “mothership” itself, Docker Inc., has even adopted the tool.

Inocybe first embraced Kubernetes more than a year ago to help run it’s Open Networking Platform. Kubernetes helps accelerate and simplify the delivery of new features to our growing number of service provider and enterprise customers. It provides a lot of resilience by isolating the front-end and back-end microservices that makes up the platform into their own pods. Its namespace system also facilitates the devops workflow by isolating development, staging and production environments. Providing new features and bug-fixes to customers is a breeze!

Inocybe will leverage the amazing features of Kubernetes as they are released to ever improve the development and operational aspects of our Open Networking Platform. This enables better CI… as in ‘Continuous Improvement’!

Be sure to stay ahead of the curve on Kubernetes, by attending the Linux Foundation’s KubeCon North America 2017 in December:


Written by Patrick Laurin, Team Lead at Inocybe Technologies | IT Infrastructure & DevOps

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