The OpenDaylight Cookbook is Now Available

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The OpenDaylight Cookbook is now available! With over 90 recipes, this eBook provides readers the critical skills needed to deploy & manage OpenDaylight-based solutions.


Authors:  Mathieu Lemay (Inocybe Technologies), Alexis de Talhouet (Bell), Yrineu Rodrigues (Serro) Jamie Goodyear (Savoir Technologies), Rashmi Pujar (Bell) and Mohamed El-Serngawy (Kontron).

The OpenDaylight Cookbook can be purchased through the following two sources:

Book Description

OpenDaylight is an open source platform to program and build Software-Defined Networks (SDN). Its aim is to accelerate the adoption of SDN and NFV. With above 90 practical recipes, this book will help you to solve day-to-day problems and maintenance tasks surrounding OpenDaylight’s implementation.

This book starts with the OpenDaylight fundamentals. In this book, you will gain a sound understanding of the methods and techniques when deploying OpenDaylight in production environment. Later on, you will learn to create a Service Chain using SFC. This book will address common problems and day-to-day maintenance tasks with OpenDaylight.

We’ll also will teach you how to interact with OpenDaylight APIs and use the necessary tools to simulate networks. You will also explore how to create your own branded OpenDaylight along with authorising and authenticating users using OpenDaylight Identity Manager.

By the end of this book, you will have the necessary skills to operate an OpenDaylight SDN environment.

Key Features

  • This book will help you to build intelligent SDN networks that save your company time, money, and resources
  • From eminent authors, learn to address real-world challenges and troubleshoot day-to-day scalability and performance problems faced in OpenDayLight deployments
  • This is the only book that offers you quick fixes to create your own branded OpenDaylight

What you will learn

  • Grasp the fundamentals of OpenDaylight
  • Customize, authenticate, & authorize in OpenDaylight
  • Analyse network access control and policy
  • Manage datacenter optimization
  • Integrate OpenDaylight with third-party frameworks
  • Deploy, configure, and tune OpenDaylight-based solutions

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