OpenDaylight Beyond Networking

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Currently OpenDaylight is narrowly marketed as a software-defined networking technology ecosystem. However, OpenDaylight is much more than network innovation; it is the Linux of Connected Things – an ecosystem with projects from IoT to Smart Infrastructures that can be used for anything that can be modeled and controlled. OpenDaylight has the potential to be the foundation for Open Smart City and Smart Building initiatives – not strictly linked to the SDN market.

About Maddison Long

Maddison Long is passionately working on new technology trends that are shaping tomorrow’s societies. With a background in branding and technology marketing, he has ample opportunities at Inocybe Technologies to promote a healthy connected lifestyle. As the Marketing Director, he contributes to the growth and prosperity of the OpenDaylight ecosystem, participating in the OpenDaylight marketing working group, creating OpenDaylight tutorials/explanatory videos and blogs, and is working for the number one brand ambassador of the OpenDaylight project.

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