SDN Essentials Introduces OpenDaylight and YANG/Netconf Training in Partnership with Inocybe Technologies

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SDN Essentials Introduces OpenDaylight and YANG/Netconf Training in Partnership with Inocybe Technologies

SDN Essentials adds two OpenDaylight courses and a YANG/Netconf class to its SDN training portfolio through a partnership with Inocybe Technologies.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – June 8, 2016 – SDN Essentials is pleased to expand its SDN training portfolio with the addition of three new courses, OpenDaylight Fundamentals, OpenDaylight Bootcamp and YANG/Netconf. Offered in partnership with Inocybe Technologies, the trainings provide essential tools to understand and execute OpenDaylight deployments, as well as understand the YANG modeling language, a fundamental piece in SDN programability.

Aimed at SDN strategy decision makers, the OpenDaylight Fundamentals class covers key trends, projects, and use cases, allowing participants to understand core concepts and benefits of the technology. The OpenDaylight Bootcamp gives attendees intensive hands-on training in the critical skills needed to deploy a real world OpenDaylight-based solution. The YANG/Netconf class identifies Data Modeling best practices, covers tools and the development environment as well as advanced modeling and validation. All classes have a significant hands-on component.

“The fate of technology companies in the knowledge-based era rests on their ability to continuously improve their communications infrastructure and talent pool,” says Mathieu Lemay, CEO of Inocybe Technologies Inc. “SDN Essentials is creating an avenue for innovative technology companies to acquire the skills they need to succeed through collaborative ecosystems, this is why we are proud to partner with them on our OpenDaylight and YANG/Netconf training.”

“As a leader in the SDN education space, SDN Essentials is happy to partner with Inocybe Technologies in order to expand its portfolio to cover OpenDaylight and YANG material. Inocybe Technologies is the top OpenDaylight development company and their in-house expertise are unrivaled in the community. We look forward to offering that valuable expertise to the public at large through these new classes,” says Marco Alves, Director of Education Services.

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