Inocybe Technologies launches its Helium-based OpenDaylight Distribution

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Inocybe Technologies launches its Helium-based OpenDaylight Distribution

Inocybe Technologies Inc., the #1 pure play OpenDaylight company, is introducing its new distribution based on OpenDaylight Helium.

MONTREAL, QC – November 12, 2014 – Today, Inocybe Technologies Inc., the #1 pure play OpenDaylight company, is introducing its new distribution based on OpenDaylight Helium. After being significantly involved in the Helium release, Inocybe is making this OpenDaylight distribution available for download and also offers commercial support. This OpenDaylight distribution builds from the community source code but is tested through continuous deployment and focused on usability, documentation and ease of use.

“While many established vendors are embedding OpenDaylight in their products, we saw a clear customer need for a usable pure play open source distribution not tied to any product strategy that will allow customers to innovate themselves,” said Mathieu Lemay, president and chief executive officer of Inocybe Technologies. “In Helium, we focused on docs, user-interface and overall usability and code quality. However, we still have work to do and we look forward to the Lithium release. Our current and future customers are sponsoring our upstream commitment to this important project.”

Inocybe Technologies is focused on innovation and helping promote and improve OpenDaylight’s ecosystem. “What Inocybe is doing with OpenDaylight as a distribution gives users the ultimate control and choice over their SDN platform. For those who are looking for a standalone OpenDaylight distribution to take and modify as they see fit, Inocybe fits that bill,” said Neela Jacques, executive director, OpenDaylight. “We are encouraged by this step and believe it shows another sign of maturity for the project.”

Inocybe’s OpenDaylight distribution is a pure play distribution with no vendor lock-in but also provides the following advantages over the community download:

  • Automatic Updates – While we provide downloadable images at every OpenDaylight release, our support customers can always enjoy the latest features through continuous automatic updates.
  • Tested Binaries – We continuously test our binaries and make them available to our support subscription subscribers.
  • Virtual Appliance – Our distribution is running in a Docker container available pre-packaged with our own CoreOS-based distribution making clustering, and updates easily through the use of virtual appliances.
  • Add-ons Management – OpenDaylight Helium release introduced a-la-carte features that can be selected at download time. All these features can be turned on or off as required without changing the packaging or requiring additional downloads.

Inocybe’s OpenDaylight distribution is available for download on Inocybe’s website at: Support subscriptions are also available at 1000$/month per supported instances.

Inocybe Technologies provides certification, training, and consulting services around OpenDaylight. For more information about our distribution or to discuss specific SDN application needs for your business please contact Inocybe at: or visit:


About Inocybe Technologies Inc.
Inocybe Technologies Inc. is the number one pure-play OpenDaylight company. Inocybe delivers all the software, services, training and support needed for running OpenDaylight. Among the top five companies worldwide in contributing open source software to OpenDaylight, Inocybe has helped build and deploy real world OpenDaylight deployments. Inocybe Technologies is privately held and has been a pioneer in user empowered networking research since 2005. For additional information follow us @inocybetech or visit:

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